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This post was written by admin on January 4, 2009
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Our website has been reviewed recently by the editors of They obviously liked our site, because we got 85/100 and currently our site is one of the Top 3 sites in their Fetish category! We are very happy they liked our site and here are few quotations from their review:
Joining ExclusiveClub is a treat for anyone who gets shivers when a stethoscope or speculum comes out. Beyond the idea itself, the scenes are held in rooms with all kinds of equipment, tables with stirrups, doctors dressed as actual doctors, enemas and more…
Of all the medical-fetish sites out there, this one deserves special mention for the excellent work that is put into making real and interesting scenes.
You can read the whole reivew at
Join now and see why we got 85/100!

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